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Month: April, 2014

Beach escape….


Sorry for my slow updating. It’s been so hot these last few days so we’ve been either hiding at the beach or visiting friends with air conditioning 😉 this morning Marcus went to the gym while I had a work meeting and took Miles along. We quickly came home for lunch and got ready to hit the beach before we go swimming in a friends pool later!

The countdown begins till May 23rd and I just want to spend my time working or enjoying this California heat and actually being able to swim in the ocean since Swedens water isn’t as warm as here.

How do you spend your hot days?


tripod stance


This little man is starting to want to do everything but lay down these days! He hasnt quite rolled over but rolls almost his whole body besides his face and turns both ways grabbing whatever is near his side. He is arching his back to get out of everything from his swing to his play gym and even arches when we hold him. He is starting to try and sit up but still places his hands on the ground in front of him in thr tripod position which is adorable and even started ocking his knees and wanting to stand with our help….

its all happening so fast!

Ps sorry for my lack of punctuaction and apostrophes … my keyboard changed to Swedish so it isnt auto correcting and all the buttons have moved to different places…ugh



30 days notice


Tomorrow I have to do the saddest thing I’ve had to do so far in Santa Barbara & give our 30 days notice for our apartment. We have only lived here since January and though I knew it would be a short term lease I loved every minute of it. After all it was our first home as a family. Since we are going to Sweden for the summer and couldn’t find a subleaser on time we have to give it up.

Renting in Santa Barbara is both hard to find and expensive so when you find a good deal on an awesome place it’s best to hold on to. We pay 1350$ for our one bedroom apartment downtown which is amazing! I love it here and all of our neighbors are great and the place is super fresh and clean.

We have NO IDEA yet what we are doing for the fall. It may sound crazy to everyone but we have plans A-F figured out.

My boyfriend as some of you may know has been a soccer player his whole life with a love for American football. When he realized he could combine both and play for his junior college team as the kicker he immediately tried out. He has done amazing since day 1 and won all sorts of awards including player of the year, 1st place So_Cal kicker, academic player of the year and won a golden boot from the teams booster club.

He has taken the team from a loss to a win all throughout the season and made me so proud! He has been aiming and applying for a scholarship all throughout this last year and has talked to several schools and recruiters but unfortunately special teams positions are the hardest position to get a scholarship for .

So far if he doesnt get a scholarship we will return to SB this fall for him to take some extra courses for cheaper at the city college before attempting to transfer and I will work full time while Miles goes to daycare. Otherwise he gets a scholarship which could land us anywhere in the US at this point! Exciting…. but nerve racking!
So at the end of the month we have to pack up our whole apartment and move it into a local storage unit for the summer as we take what we can fit into our luggage for our Scandenavian adventures May 30+July 31

Sunday funday


Yesterday we celebrated my sisters birthday at my parents house. She’s turning 21 this coming Friday but since we were in town yesterday we barbecued and soaked up some sun with the rest of our family and some of her friends. I introduced “burst” to my dad (holding down the capture button on the iPhone camera to take a bunch of pictures). We had tons of fun trying to take pictures jumping in the air and caught some super awesome shots. I got my sister workout shorts from lululemon which she had been wanting and since she works out like a maniac I knew she would get good use out of them 🙂

Miles wasn’t feeling his best since we were just getting over a bad cold and just wanted to cuddle with mommy the whole day so unfortunately I was a little tied down. I don’t take these moments for granted though since I know someday he will grow up and won’t fit so easily into my arms or need me as much as he does now. 😦

We made the long drive home last night around 8:30 after getting Miles to bed and sneaking him into his car seat. We got home pretty fast and Miles didn’t even wake when we put him into his bed and slept till almost 4:30 before waking to eat and fall back asleep till 930!


Let the planning begin….

Since my best friend Lalani asked me to be one of her bridesmaids for her very special day I’ve been going crazy on Pinterest looking for the perfect dress 🙂

She decided we would all choose our own style and shade of nude, beige or cream. I love this idea especially since one shape or color of dress may not look good on everyone! I’m so excited to help her planner special day :)!


My inspiration board!

Baby filled Saturday


Skipped my work conference this morning after waking up more congested and realizing I had also forgotten the power plug to my pump. Aka no milk stored for miles so I can be away for a few hours. I managed to hand pump a bottle and a half but still seemed like more of a hassle. Especially when I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. So I went to brunch with my parents and Miles and when we came back Marcus played golf with my dad and sisters boyfriend and I went on a mommy date with my two friends. Libby who has a 7 month old babe named Knox, Justine who has an 11 month old names Jax and my sweet baby Miles 🙂 we laid at the park sharing experiences and staring at each others babies. It was a perfect afternoon 🙂

I went afterwards to visit a best friend of mine Gary, who passed away 7 years ago, his family. They were so excited to see miles and hear all about what I’ve been up to. After that I brought the most tired baby home who passed out immediately and I went over to my friend Lalanis for a movie night.

She surprised me with a wine bottle covered in a label asking me to be her bridesmaid for her wedding next April. Mmmmmmm duh!!!! I couldn’t be more excited. My first wedding and I’m in it! Now I get to dress shop and help plan the best bachelorette party. Lalani and I have known each other since little league basketball when we were 10 and she thought I was loud and obnoxious which I was 😉 it was love at first sight. From then on we both talk when we can and keep in touch and every time we hang out it feels like no time has passed.

I couldn’t be happier for her or more excited for myself!!!

Time for bed now because tomorrow is my sisters birthday luncheon.






Sorry for the poor updating the last two days. Yesterday was filled with running errands while Marcus was in school then work till late :/ boring.

This morning we woke up early to go to the annual Special Olympics where elementary, middle and high school special needs students compete in everything from tossing a softball to running the 200 meter dash 🙂

I went to help out the old high school I worked at along with Miles and Marcus. We had a blast! We left straight from the Olympics to LA to visit my family after 3 hours of traffic we finally arrived just in time for blue cheese burgers and a movie.
Taking a little blog break now. I’ve got a work conference in the morning downtown LA and then hitting the beach with some fellow mommies.


Morning love

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out a blog error yesterday. Apparently all the links I posted to the items on my wishlist went straight to Etsy… whoops. Problem fixed 🙂

Miles & I slept in as much as possible this morning after taking Marcus to school. Tuesdays & Thursdays Marcus has school from 8-5pm and in the morning he takes Miles out to the living room to play in his gym or bouncy chair while Marcus gets ready and has breakfast… this gives me a good hour of sleep before I wake to take Marcus and take over with Miles.

After coming home to eat some oatmeal with fruit and drink my coffee Miles and I went straight down for a nap together. We slept for almost an hour and a half and it was amazing. Last night Miles woke up around 11:30pm too stuffed up to sleep and could hardly breathe through his nose 😦 After some saline drops and spooning with mommy he fell back asleep and went back into his bed till around 5 a.m.

We are both at home today getting over our colds and getting things together to leave for LA tomorrow to visit my parents for the weekend.

puss puss xo




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Mother’s Day wish list


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