Breastfeeding 101

by destinyflores


From the day I found out i was pregnant I started harassing the internet and reading every book I could on pregnancy and the first year after baby is born. I read everything from feeding, bathing, sleeping to playing, talking and walking. I knew from the very beginning that breastfeeding was the ultimate choice and way to go!

I had heard horror stories from friends about painful nipples from baby latching incorrectly to the pain you suffer from engorgement. I was obviously terrified to start and had no idea what I was doing but I knew it was the best thing and something I strongly believed in …

The doctors instantly attempted to get baby to latch after I recovered. Unfortunately the window of opportunity is from the second baby is born to 2 hours after making it easier and the chances of a good latch from start higher had passed for me as I was going on 4 hours later.
Anyways the latch was fine, a little sore but bearable. After sucking for close to 1-2 minutes Miles fell asleep. We struggled with keeping him awake for more than a few minutes without sucking himself to sleep. 2 days passed with this constant issue and me realizing I was still only producing colostrum (the thick creamy yellow white substance that comes when baby is born for the first few days till the “milk” comes in). Since this was the most important part of breastfeeding I let him suck out all he could then pumped the last couple drops and fed him it through the worlds tiniest bottle.

I luckily had no issues with nipple confusion and he has taken a pacifier since the first week of birth. Once my milk came in my nipples were a little sore so I used silicon nipple protectors which he didn’t mind while they healed, these actually improved his latch!

After a few days of healing all was well and the covers came off, Miles at first favored one breast but I continued to push him onto the other as much as possible till he eventually took both!

I am so lucky to have such an awesome little b-feeder still to this day! Both sides work perfectly, his latch doesn’t hurt, he will take any position I give it to him in & best of all if I’m not around I have tons of milk in my freezer and he’s fine with taking a bottle from daddy !

Let me know if you have any breastfeeding questions, comments or concerns! I would love to help!

p.s. I have absolutely nothing against those that formula feed and I know not all of us are as lucky as I was. I had a friend who struggled with bleeding, raw, sore nipples for months and continued to push through and get past it and I have mom who say it just wasn’t for them or they couldn’t produce enough, had troubles latching, felt uncomfortable or could only BF for the first few weeks before returning to work.
To each their own and I don’t judge! Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had and I tip my hat to every mom out there no matter how they choose to feed baby!