life with Miles….

by destinyflores




Life with Miles has actually been a lot easier than both Marcus & I thought it would be. He is what I would like to call an “easy” baby. He isn’t much of a cryer (though he has/had his moments) and love to interact and go places. I would say he definitely has my personality when it comes to getting bored in one place & needing lots of attention and excitement…. which isn’t always a bad thing. 🙂

In the beginning everything was done so gently and with caution and fear since both of us had NO IDEA what we were doing. Since I had a c section we got to stay 5 nights in the hospital with around the clock care and attention along with meals throughout the day for both of us which was amazing!

When we left and loaded Miles into the car we both looked at each other with a look of “oh shit” and continued on our way home.

From dirty diapers to breastfeeding in public we got through it all. Unfortunately there is too much to blog about and I don’t want to start from day 1 but let’s just say we made a good team and figured it all out. Now I breastfeed wherever, whenever (with a cover of course) and can change a diaper with my eyes closed. Miles is developing quite the little personality & makes us laugh all day long with his cute sounds and reactions to almost anything we do.

He almost sleeps through the night now going to bed around 7:30/8pm after a bath given by daddy and doesn’t wake till close to 3/4am for a quick feed and snuggle back to bed. He attempts to wake again around 5/6 am and based on how cranky he is I either nurse him back to bed or soothe him with my hand and his pacifier in bed with us. He usually sleeps with us till 7/8 when he wakes up and wants to play 🙂

He love his play gym, swing, bouncy chair and sometimes even just sitting in our laps or laying next to us kicking away at our legs while we go about our business. We hike, swim and do almost everything with Miles and now that I have started to work with some clients in the community again to bring in more of a paycheck I bring him with me while Marcus studies, works out or goes to school.

So far so good & Miles is almost 4 1/2 months now and growing up so fast!

He takes daddy and me swim lessons saturday mornings at a local swim school aSwim with Phynnd loves it! He even does submersions and is learning to hold his breath underwater! Yay Miles!

Marcus is almost finished with his semester and May 30th we will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden to spend two months with his family and all of our friends… with Miles of course! His baptism is scheduled to happen in June at the church Marcus was baptized in and we can’t wait!

Now time for the fun blogging to begin….

comment or question if I left out anything
puss xoxo