Pregnancy from HELL

by destinyflores


I first found out I was pregnant around April 15th. I remember constantly feeling nauseas and every smell, sight and even sound of food would send me running outside to throw up. After a couple days of not feeling like myself I decided to take a test while I was at work and felt texting was the best way to tell Marcus the news… haha. Anyways I had found out pretty early as I was only about 4 weeks pregnant which meant a LOOOOOONG pregnancy was ahead.

I continued to puke almost through the 5th month and had the worst back pain of my life from then on. I was constantly tired and had INTENSE migraines… though thanks to the throwing up and HATING of food I only gained about 28 lbs (12.7kg) which is on the lower side of pregnancy gain, and it was all in my stomach.

Anyways… after the 5th month I started showing and found out I was having a boy which was the coolest and best part of being pregnant, I remember feeling like it was taking forever to get to that apt and once it did time just flew by… sortv’e

The back pain was unbearable and at my 36th week I found out baby Miles was breech. (head up) By this point in the pregnancy the baby should be head down and preparing for birth. I had the option of trying to “turn” the baby with the help of my OBGYN but with the risk of cord strangulation, baby turning back again, pain, and an emergency c section if things go wrong. So I decided to skip this invasive procedure and schedule a planned c section for December 3, 2013.

It was pretty cool knowing the day I was to go in however I was terrified that things would go wrong or something would be wrong with the little guy (typical pregnancy thoughts). I dreamt weird dreams that last week that I would give birth to all sorts of different animals and creatures… weird stuff.

The night before Marcus & I decided to go out for one last hoora and enjoy ourselves as a couple before the baby one last time for at least a few months!

Birth coming in the next post…

once again so sorry these are long I just want to make sure everyone knows everything about my background and how I got to where I am today!