So here it is…

by destinyflores

I know this is my second blog so far since my darling little baby Miles has entered my life but unfortunately my last blog portal wasn’t working out. Since WordPress has always been the easiest for me to work with I thought I would start fresh.

I am now promising to dedicate myself to blogging and keeping up with my posts for all my lovely faithful followers out there if you promise to keep me entertained with comments, likes or at least page views to let me know you’re still there.

Though being a full time mommy and caretaker for both kids with and without special needs in my community takes up most of my time I figured if I have time to read blogs I have time to post 🙂

My next post will be a refresher on who I am and the story of how my Swedish boyfriend and I met in Sweden, moved to California and had our darling little Miles who is 4.5 months now!

I will then follow with my birth story and how the last few months have been with everything from breastfeeding to crying to laughing and everything in between.

This blog will be filled with family, babies, work and as many cute outfits as I can pull together and take a picture of before they get puked or peed on 🙂

Enjoy. Puss puss xo