Missing bunny

by destinyflores


So we drove around looking for an Easter bunny most of the day. When I was little there was one at every shopping mall. There seems to only be one in all of Santa Barbara and it’s at a huge egg hunt, train ride, kids day sort of event we would rather avoid.

Since Miles is only 4.5 months old it seemed unnecessary to do the whole event just for a picture with a bunny :/ so family pictures were all for today. Guess this tradition will have to start next year…

Marcus, Miles & I enjoyed ourselves at Marmalade Cafe, one of my favorite lunch spots in SB!

We shared a tuna taretare, tuna melt and some wine and salad šŸ™‚ mums!!!

It’s such a nice feeling knowing this is my family now and everything starts with us. We get to start our own traditions and choose what we want Miles to participate in and understand the importance of! I can’t wait till he’s old enough to find eggs and leave carrots out at night for the Easter bunny to leave a basket filled with toys and candy in the morning. Or as in Sweden dress as a chimney sweep and go around to neighbors delivering Easter cards in exchange for candy.

I love having an international family though it’ll be confusing and different each year depending where we live at least we have options and we will all be together!

What’s your Easter tradition?

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