A night out for mommy

by destinyflores


I got a much needed night out last night with one of my best friends Andrea here in Santa Barbara. We’ve both been so busy with our lives and haven’t got the chance to hang out lately with me being a mom and all and her being caught up with work and her new boyfriend.

We started the night out at our favorite tasting room/wine bar Muni … After Muni we called UBER which is seriously my new favorite taxi service. They send you whichever personal driver they have near you and you can see where the driver is on a map with live gps. So we took our UBER taxi to the James Joyce one of our favorite hipster bars on State street and had a few drinks with some more friends before calling it a night.

It’s definitely different drinking when you have a baby. I have the responsibility of taking care of this little guy, waking up early, breastfeeding and entertaining. AKA I can’t drink like I used to.

Especially since you can’t breastfeed after drinking so I’ve spent my night and morning pumping and bottle feeding almost 5 bags from my freezer stash :/ thank god this only happens once in awhile.

Oh ya and it’s Easter so Marcus and I might take Miles to the courthouse for a big outdoor Easter service a local church is hosting and follow with a nice brunch!

Happy Easter