Good morning

by destinyflores


Happy Monday everyone 🙂
Miles did us a favor and slept in till almost 10am this morning! With a small play break from 6-7am in his gym on the floor next to our bed…

We got really lucky and have such an amazingly easy little babe. He goes to bed every night so easily around 730/8 wakes up just enough to whine a little and nurse back to sleep around 3/4am and sleeps till about 7 when he usually wakes up to play for a little before his morning nap around 10

I’m nursing him into his “late morning nap” now and unfortunately missed my yoga class at 12 because of our late start but hey it’s Monday 😉

Marcus has to study all day so Miles and I might hit the park or go on a hike depending on how soon I can get myself moving and out of weekend mode.

Started the morning off with a tasty breakfast… Coffee. Greek yogurt with fruit and toast with cheese and turkey ! I’m a huge vitamin believer so each morning I take magnesium, vitamin C, B12, calcium, D, omega and my prenatal vitamins since I’m still nursing (and they’ve done wonders for my hair).


Ps I snuck a little finger full of Greek yogurt into Miles mouth this morning and he loved it. I can’t wait to start puréed foods! He’s soon turning 5 months old and I think we’re going to start introducing a few homemade organic foods in a few weeks to get into a routine before Sweden.