Miles’ First Easter

by destinyflores


Glad Påsk everyone! Happy Easter!

This year was one of the best Easter holidays I have probably ever had or at least since I was little enough to enjoy the egg hunts, waking up to easter baskets, and meeting the easter bunny 🙂 I know there is a true meaning behind Easter and I respect those who have their own traditions but now that Miles has entered my life I want to make each hoilday as exciting and special as they all were for me.

Easter for me when I was little was filled with family, good food and tons of candy and cash filled eggs! I loved every part of it.

Nowadays since my brother (17), sister (20) & I are all grown our parents spoil us with a little mani/pedi gift card or an outfit along with some quality family time at brunch or dinner. Unfortunately this year everyone had work and their own agendas so we didn’t get to all meet up but Marcus & I knew we had to do something special for Miles’ first Easter.

Since I went out last night I woke up… tired… I guess you can call it & Marcus made breakfast and took care of Miles while I rejuvinated… I am so lucky to have such an amazing man I can count on in times of need. I can tell you this, I won’t be going out for awhile. It just isn’t the same anymore now that we have a baby to care for day and night and especially with breastfeeding, drinking and staying out late seems like more of a hassle than an enjoyment… though it was a fun night 🙂

Anyways we headed out for sushi lunch then hit the park to fly our kite (Miles loves watching it). We sat and watched tons of families hunt for eggs, BBQ, swim and just enjoy the amazing weather we were blessed with today. We even all 3 fell asleep together on our picnic blanket under the warm sun… perfect.

We came home when it got cold and windy and I did a quick power clean of the house and started dinner… salmon, rice & asparagus 🙂

Miles was surprised with a little egg hunt Marcus set up in our living room which was adorable and we snapped some cute shots of him “finding his eggs”. I love knowing each year we get to set our own traditions and create a wonderful holiday experience for our little man.

Miles is now in the bath as I sit and catch you all up on my day & dinners just about ready… time to say goodnight. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and continue to read along as I post each day!

Comment and let me know what you did for Easter

xoxo puss puss