by destinyflores


I have been holding back on buying Miles a Patagonia or North Face jacket basically since I found out I was pregnant.

Considering these jackets can run anywhere from $60.00+ and at the rate he’s growing out of everything it’s almost not worth it… almost.
Well the time finally came! I found an awesome deal on a light fleece Patagonia sweater ages 6 months and up which was perfect because he’s almost wearing that size now and that is the size in which babies start to lengthen and thin out (crossing my fingers it fits for a few months). He will get to wear it this summer in Sweden and France on those colder European summer nights! Can’t wait.

I couldn’t find a good image online but here is one similar however his is blue with green fish like shapes on it.

I admit, I’m a shopaholic… the sick part is I don’t shop for myself anymore. It’s way more fun shopping for him. I have however learned my lesson on buying newborn sizes (for the next baby) and buying two sizes in something if you really like it or if you’ve found a good deal. I also wasted a lot of money buying expensive brand and homemade items from Etsy when he was so small and all he did was sleep all day so no one got to see the cute outfits he had on :/

Now since the little guy is starting to be more active and is awake most of the day and getting close to sitting on his own I get to play dress up 🙂

I can’t wait for the day he’s walking around… watch out ladies!