Time away….

by destinyflores


Since I started working again it hasn’t been easy for Miles. I nanny for several families in the area and work as a behaviorist for some high school students with special needs. Most of my clients and kids allow for me to bring Miles which is easier than leaving him at home with Marcus for hours which means bottle feeding pumped milk :/

Marcus is an amazing dad but unfortunately the bond of a baby and a mother who breastfeeds is almost unbreakable. Most of the time he does fine and will take at least some of the bottle but night time is the hardest. Miles is so used to the routine of mommy putting him to bed by nursing and cuddling that he has a hard time going down for anyone else. This means countless hours of screaming, crying and bottle rejection for Marcus to deal with.

We are trying everything from using his swing to soothe him to bathing and rocking but it’s just ending with him crying himself to sleep. 😦 when I do take Miles with me it usually turns into me acting and feeling like a mom of multiple children and since he still constantly wants to be held and entertained it makes it difficult to pay attention to the 2 & 5 year olds I watch.

Hoping things will get better as we continue working together on solutions. I would hate for Miles to only feel comfortable and happy when I am around, I do want to go back to work full time afteR the summer especially since we need the income again, but I would hate for things to continue the way they are. Any tips?

I’m babysitting for a family now and have been here since 6:30 and Miles cried from when I left basically until 8:15 and refused to drink his bottle. He is finally asleep and I’m wondering if he will just grow out of this or get used to it the more frequently it occurs?