Morning love

by destinyflores

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out a blog error yesterday. Apparently all the links I posted to the items on my wishlist went straight to Etsy… whoops. Problem fixed 🙂

Miles & I slept in as much as possible this morning after taking Marcus to school. Tuesdays & Thursdays Marcus has school from 8-5pm and in the morning he takes Miles out to the living room to play in his gym or bouncy chair while Marcus gets ready and has breakfast… this gives me a good hour of sleep before I wake to take Marcus and take over with Miles.

After coming home to eat some oatmeal with fruit and drink my coffee Miles and I went straight down for a nap together. We slept for almost an hour and a half and it was amazing. Last night Miles woke up around 11:30pm too stuffed up to sleep and could hardly breathe through his nose 😦 After some saline drops and spooning with mommy he fell back asleep and went back into his bed till around 5 a.m.

We are both at home today getting over our colds and getting things together to leave for LA tomorrow to visit my parents for the weekend.

puss puss xo