by destinyflores

Miles has typically always been a sleeper. (Always being after the first month, since the first month is crazy for everyone).
The first month he of course slept almost 20 hours per day and I thought I must have the “easiest” baby and wondered why anyone ever thought having a newborn meant less sleep…. well… then nighttime came and since I was breastfeeding and Miles or I hadn’t quite learned how to side feed (feeding lying down) I had to sit up with the boppy support pillow almost every hour-hour and a half to try and feed and calm him back to sleep.

So after the first month of figuring him out we started to get into a routine. I am HUGE on routines. I think everyone would do so much better in life no matter what age if we had some sort of routine. I have worked with special ed for going on 7 years and EVERY single one of my students has been on a strict routine from the second they enter the classroom. It helps not only them but the teachers, aides and even parents at home. I have seen some pretty remarkable things happen to kids once they get into a routine at home or school and I have also seen it come crashing down when things like “spring break” or “late start Thursdays” come into play.

Anyways so after reading the benefits routines have with babies in almost every baby book I decided what ours would be. As a breastfeeding mom I find any way I can for Marcus and Miles to bond and have their time together. I do not believe a child needs one parent over the other and I want Miles to have the best possible relationship with Marcus and that starts now.

Marcus has been in charge of bath time since Miles very first bath and since it’s Miles favorite activity he can relate “enjoyment and pleasure” to being with daddy! Genius 🙂 after bath either Marcus or myself get Miles into his pajamas and give him a little lavender massage… I then nurse Miles till he’s almost asleep and transfer him into his bed. He stays in his bed which is a co-sleeper and attached to the side of our bed (we live in a one bedroom currently) till he wakes around 3-4 am which obviously hasn’t always been .

He did go through phases and growth spurts where he would wake more often but has typically only woke 1-3 times/night!

Now since I have started to work more often and Marcus is struggling with getting Miles down at night we are switching things up…

I am now doing his last feeding right before bath time. Marcus still does bath time and I take over for a cozy massage, lullaby and then lay him in his bed while I sit next to him patting or holding my hand on him with his pacifier as he drifts off. I will slowly start to minimize the amount of soothing I do and leave it up to him as time goes by. So far so good ! Tonight was amazing and he went down instantly 🙂

any tips? comments? let me know! mom2mom