30 days notice

by destinyflores


Tomorrow I have to do the saddest thing I’ve had to do so far in Santa Barbara & give our 30 days notice for our apartment. We have only lived here since January and though I knew it would be a short term lease I loved every minute of it. After all it was our first home as a family. Since we are going to Sweden for the summer and couldn’t find a subleaser on time we have to give it up.

Renting in Santa Barbara is both hard to find and expensive so when you find a good deal on an awesome place it’s best to hold on to. We pay 1350$ for our one bedroom apartment downtown which is amazing! I love it here and all of our neighbors are great and the place is super fresh and clean.

We have NO IDEA yet what we are doing for the fall. It may sound crazy to everyone but we have plans A-F figured out.

My boyfriend as some of you may know has been a soccer player his whole life with a love for American football. When he realized he could combine both and play for his junior college team as the kicker he immediately tried out. He has done amazing since day 1 and won all sorts of awards including player of the year, 1st place So_Cal kicker, academic player of the year and won a golden boot from the teams booster club.

He has taken the team from a loss to a win all throughout the season and made me so proud! He has been aiming and applying for a scholarship all throughout this last year and has talked to several schools and recruiters but unfortunately special teams positions are the hardest position to get a scholarship for .

So far if he doesnt get a scholarship we will return to SB this fall for him to take some extra courses for cheaper at the city college before attempting to transfer and I will work full time while Miles goes to daycare. Otherwise he gets a scholarship which could land us anywhere in the US at this point! Exciting…. but nerve racking!
So at the end of the month we have to pack up our whole apartment and move it into a local storage unit for the summer as we take what we can fit into our luggage for our Scandenavian adventures May 30+July 31