Sunday funday

by destinyflores


Yesterday we celebrated my sisters birthday at my parents house. She’s turning 21 this coming Friday but since we were in town yesterday we barbecued and soaked up some sun with the rest of our family and some of her friends. I introduced “burst” to my dad (holding down the capture button on the iPhone camera to take a bunch of pictures). We had tons of fun trying to take pictures jumping in the air and caught some super awesome shots. I got my sister workout shorts from lululemon which she had been wanting and since she works out like a maniac I knew she would get good use out of them 🙂

Miles wasn’t feeling his best since we were just getting over a bad cold and just wanted to cuddle with mommy the whole day so unfortunately I was a little tied down. I don’t take these moments for granted though since I know someday he will grow up and won’t fit so easily into my arms or need me as much as he does now. 😦

We made the long drive home last night around 8:30 after getting Miles to bed and sneaking him into his car seat. We got home pretty fast and Miles didn’t even wake when we put him into his bed and slept till almost 4:30 before waking to eat and fall back asleep till 930!