swimming & sangria

by destinyflores


Today was the hottest day so far. 90+ f (34c)! In April! I know they say Santa Barbara is one of the sunniest towns to live in with an average of 300 days of sun but HOT DAMN!!

I would much rather a climate that changes with the seasons and stays accurate. The unfortunate thing about SB is you wake up and it can be almost freezing, with dense fog and sometime even frost on your window or what looks like rain clouds… so you put on pants, boots and maybe a nice knitted sweater or beanie only to realize by lunch your stripping off your clothes and walking around barefoot to avoid putting your hot knee high boots on.

Having a baby in Santa Barbara just adds to the chaos and constant question of WHAT TO WEAR? I have learned my lesson now with Miles and since his body temperature runs pretty high and he seems to sweat easily I dress him in thin pants and a short sleeve with a spare sweater in my bag. 🙂

Today we hit the pool and Miles loved every minute of it. He is such a water baby and is starting to love nothing more than to be almost completely submersed with just his eyes, nose and mouth rising above water.. even in his bath. He sinks himself all the way down and blows raspberries… so cute.

After some pizza and a pool session I headed home to start my white and red sangria for my little girls night I am hosting tomorrow.
Oh ps… I started selling jewelry for a company called Lia Sophia as a part time gig… kinda like pampered chef, AVON, Mary Kay.. but cute fun chunky jewelry that I actually like and get to keep for myself.. anyways …

tomorrow is my first party which I have to host and have a jewelry advisor come and present the jewelry at. After this I am the presenter & I already have 3 parties booked before we leave for Sweden! The good thing about this is I can travel with it all across the US & even have skype parties in Sweden if I wanted to!

Time for some tortilla soup ( not the best choice when it’s hot out but I just craved it ((breastfeeding probz))

sangria recipe coming…