thought of the day: traveling with baby

by destinyflores

Our little family leaves for Stockholm, Sweden in just about 3 weeks and there is still so much to do! Besides moving out of this place and packing EVERYTHING into a storage we need to decide on what to bring for not only ourselves but the little man!

Norwegian Airlines allows us each 50lbs of luggage (25kg) and a carry on & diaper bag. Miles gets 10lbs (5kg) and it could be packed into our suitcases or carried separately.We are most likely going to pack the extra 5kg into our suitcases to avoid the chaos of too many bags. We are also allowed his car seat & stroller. Not sure if we need the car seat since one of his sisters might still have hers from her little guy we could use from the summer.

I have stalked the internet for tips on traveling with a 6 month old and just about read everything there is… I think.

Tips I’ve read are but not limited to:
1. breastfeed/bottle feed when taking off to equalize baby’s ears
2. Pack double the amount of diapers/wipes/bottles you usually need for that period of time in case of delay or an extra cranky/poopy/hungry babe
3. carry baby in a front carrier through security
4. Take car seat onto plane in case of being placed next to an empty seat? (tips on this?)
5. pack a new exciting toy baby has never seen or discovered
6. load stroller onto x-ray belt first, luggage last so baby gets strapped in before unloading everything
7. call airline ahead of time to request any empty seats if plane isn’t filled
8. Sit in front of plane away from noisy restrooms, other children, and kitchen staff so baby doesn’t wake from noise
9. Keep baby on “home” time throughout plane ride (we are taking off at 6:30pm which means feed baby and lay him down to sleep) Hoping he only wakes once through the night to feed :/ I am hoping they don’t turn on the lights when we reach Sweden’s time zone and it’s morning ….

any tips anyone has please pass them along… we also requested the flight have a bassinet that attaches to the front of our seat for Miles to sleep in. This is a 10.5 hour flight…. DIRECT! Thank god

happy travels