Dead iPad

by destinyflores



Usually I blog from my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard but it’s dead so I have to use my phone this time. Which means shorter posts….

Yesterday Miles and I hit the beach…again. This time we made the mistake of getting there at 11:30 aka the sun was almost directly above us and would be for some time. Since I don’t have an umbrella yet… (Getting one tomorrow after realizing how annoying it is without one) I tried to make shade by laying blankets and towels over every object I brought with us. After getting a small square of shade I of course gave it to Miles πŸ™‚

Since he can’t sit up yet he likes to at least lay in the shade otherwise he won’t open his eyes :p

We had fun while it lasted but quickly ventured over to the grassy park area near the beach to lay under some palm trees. Since it was so hot Miles had no intentions of me holding him close with a nursing cover over his head while I fed him so we laid in the shade and side fed πŸ˜‰ scandalous I know.

After the beach I saw a friends Instagram post about a peach mango strawberry coconut water smoothie she made and I NEEDED it.

Trader Joes was just down the street so we quickly walked there and as usual I almost bought the whole store including ingredients to make the strawberry salsa they were sampling out πŸ˜‰

Well last night I hosted a girls night and had a friend come and present and sell some of the jewelry I started selling myself and everyone loved the sangria so feel free to go back a few posts and steal the recipe πŸ˜‰

It stayed at least 85 degrees out last night so sangria and strawberry salsa was perfect. After drinking 5 glasses of sangria and spending $$$ on jewelry I called it a night.

Today I work 1230-330 and Marcus and Miles are going to the beach only for me to meet then after πŸ™‚

Stay cool