5 months

by destinyflores


Oh ya! Miles turned 5 months old yesterday! What better gift than his passport finally coming in the mail 🙂

Cutest baby passport I have EVER seen ! I can’t believe he will have it till he’s 5 and hopefully fill it with stamps by then… if were lucky.
So far at 5 months this is Miles:

1. smiles and laughs at EVERYTHING
2. loves being scared and surprised by daddy
3. kicks his legs like a maniac & is only happy when kicking (like daddy)
4. Can grab at things accurately
5. Chews on everything
6. has tasted strawberries, greek yogurt and banana
7. can hold his breath underwater & loves swim lessons
8. can turn onto his side from his back but not to his tummy yet
9. Can turn from tummy to back
10. Sleeps from 7:30pm-3am (wakes to eat then sleeps till 6/7am)
11. loves his bath (we removed the newborn seat)
12. Can sit in a tri pod position from almost a min. before tipping 😉

anything i’ve missed I am sure you’ll hear about in the next few posts ❤

Happy 5 months little man… you'r the light of my life and the reason for every decision I make for the rest of my life