Best weekend in awhile…

by destinyflores


I’ve been busy relaxing believe it or not which made for poor updating unfortunately. Marcus took it easy with Miles and I this weekend and I was off work which was even nicer!

Friday night Miles went to bed around 8:00pm and Marcus and I made a pile of nachos and watched a marathon of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” on Netflix. We called it a night around midnight and woke up Saturday bright and early and decided to go on a power walk to get coffee and check out the new Santa Barbara Public Market.

We got coffee at my favorite place The French Press and sat outside enjoying coffee and bagels while Miles slept in the stroller. After coffee we walked to the public market which just opened. It’s basically this prestigious organic, local indoor shop with a grocery store, fresh meats, cheeses, coffees, tea, a wine store and tons more. I fell in LOVE.

After walking around and wanting to buy EVERYTHING possible and harassing the butcher asking about where they get their meat and how it’s killed we headed home to get ready for Miles swim lesson at 11.

He did awesome at swimming and learned to “dive” in from the side and go under water (of course with Marcus help). After swimming which only lasts about 30min he is usually BEYOND tired and after a quick feeding sesh he passes out which left us time to run errands around town.

I harassed Trader Joes and bought almost EVERYTHING in sight and came home ready to make the best dinner in a while! Seared Ahi tuna wraps with steamed sticky rice.

1. sear ahi in pan for 1 min/side on medium heat
2. tear spears of romaine lettuce off of head for wrapping
3. steam rice to desired stickiness
4. I marinated my ahi after cooking in sesame oil, soy, cayenne pepper, mandarin, and garlic.
5. combine ahi and rice and wrap in lettuce

Enjoy 🙂 We enjoyed ours with a bottle of rose’ wine from Napa we had been saving. Waterstone Rose’ Cabernet Sauvignon Rose’ was the BEST so far.

We continued the night drinking wine and laughing with my cousin David who came over and Miles slept like a baby… Marcus and I decided to download chess on my ipad and played a few games and drank a few more then headed to bed around 1am!

Loving life right about now… now time for pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns 🙂 puss puss