by destinyflores

So it didn’t hit me until this afternoon that in less than 3 weeks we (as a little family) would be getting on a plane at LAX with tons of bags, car seat, and stroller…oh ya and a 6 month old and voyaging off to Sweden on a 10.5 hour flight. I have pretty much prepared myself for the flight part and think with super daddy Marcus we should be fine. I forgot however that we would be traveling through time as well… Sweden is 9 hours ahead of us :/ This not only is a pain in the ass for me to get used to but I am dreading the affect it could possibly have on my perfect sleeper of a 5 month old 😦 wahhhhhh

I started reading a couple forums tonight and found nothing but horror stories of people saying their child went from sleeping through the whole night to waking every 1-3 hours and crying and wanting to wake at 4-5 am and this NEVER going away even once they got back to their homeland! Luckily we are going to be there for close to 2.5 months which means we have time to get used to the time difference and accept it then come back here again and not leave for awhile. Any tips? I have read some people start pushing bed time and changing babies schedule to the time zone appropriate for where they are going a week or so before departure. It seems silly to try and do that considering it’s such a big time difference. Something tells me that since he’s still young and naps throughout the day and seriously almost sleeps through the whole night that this won’t be that difficult if we just let him nap as he pleases and keep him up for the last 3 hours or so before bed time… thoughts?

-desperate mommy