by destinyflores



I took a break from social media yesterday to mourn the loss of a little. Words can not explain the pain I have in my heart for a poor mommy & daddy who lost their precious 4 year old son Ryan in a tragic accident.
One of my favorite mommy bloggers who I have been reading daily for quite sometime lost her son this Friday and it has gone viral. Tons of kids clothing shops, ETSY shops, and instagrammers are coming together to raise money and spread the word and prayer for this little boy Ryan.

You can check out the mommy’s blog at babyboybakery.com or her instagram at @babyboybakery

I have uploaded a picture of some apparel you can purchase in Ryan’s honor. I bought a shirt for Miles along with a heart necklace with an attached red string. Most of the proceeds from these purchases will go to helping this little boy’s family financially as they take time to grieve. I can’t imagine for a second what I would do if something were to happen with Miles. They have been on my mind the last two days and I am doing my part to help spread their story. if you can’t afford to donate please help spread the word or take a moment to pray then hug your littles a little extra today because tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us ❤


apparel can be purchased through Instagram accounts of the following:

Thanks for your time ❤