Just the two of us :)

by destinyflores


Tuesday’s & Thursday’s Marcus is in school all day from 8-5pm and unless I want to go crazy and stay at home I usually hit the town. Miles & I walked to State St. grabbed some coffee & ended up spending almost two hours in Nordstrom’s as usual. haha. I officially have a “shoe guy”. Not sure how I feel about that….

anyways two coffees & a hundred dollars later I left with a Mother’s Day gift for my momma, a new tank, acid washed denim shorts & made a couple returns. Oh ya & a mandatory stop at the women’s lounge to change and feed Miles.

Marcus is with the guys tonight watching the NFL draft & Miles & I got home a little while ago after I worked with a client for 2 hours, did some grocery shopping at TJ’s & dropped beer off for Marcus…. now it’s bathtime then finally dinner time for me & a glass of wine here at home with my friend Sarah.

p.s. I am OBSESSED with Miles SEVEN’s jeans… he finally grew into !

❤ Happy Thursday