Mother’s Day!

by destinyflores


This year was my first year actually BEING celebrated on Mother’s Day instead of just celebratING. Though I still of course got my mom a nice gift & wished her a happy Mother’s Day it was my turn as well! I must say I miss the good old days when a card with handprint hearts or the word “Mother” misspelled was enough to put a smile on mommy’s face… nowadays I get requests for a new pair of heels, botox, or a massage at a top notch salon.. well I guess that’s what happens when you start to work yourself 😉

I can’t wait for the days Miles comes home from school and hides something in his room & can barely hold in his little secret of what he made me at school or what him & daddy got at the store. This year since Miles is only 5.5 months old I woke up (after sleeping in till 9) to Marcus & Miles in the kitchen with an all American breakfast at the table and fresh brewed coffee. After breakfast we hit the town and walked around state street people watching as there were tons of moms and kids out together… so cute.

I had to work that night unfortunately but it was a Mother’s Day jewelry party with champagne, mimosas, wine, cheese, & I got to showcase and sell jewelry to all the ladies! I was only here for a couple hours and made some pretty good money and all the ladies had an amazing Mother’s Day away from their kids…

Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday & I saw a survey in the newspaper the other day stating out of all the women who were surveyed only 3.8% of them claimed they got to do what they ACTUALLY WANTED to do on Mother’s Day which believe it or not was spend some ALONE time or time with just the girls! I totally understand and it’s only been this year that I was celebrated.

I love the idea of gifts and brunch with the kids the morning of, but followed by a massage or wine with friends sounds like a PERFECT Mother’s Day to me….

just a thought 😉

How was your Mother’s Day…. I know Sweden doesn’t celebrate till November if I’m correct…