My new love

by destinyflores


Ok so the teething toy I mentioned is by a company called Zoli and it’s an all natural product. I have been telling Marcus how bad I wish there was something soft and rubbery that Miles could hold and chew on besides my finger. He has tons of toys and their either too hard, get too cold, too fuzzy, too soft or have too many sharp edges. Finally today while buying a last minute emergency pacifier this woman went on and on about how I HAD TO TRY THESE teething sticks. So I bought it and handed one to Miles.

Let’s just say he hasn’t let go!
Their gag proof and have a little shield that prevents them from sticking it too far into their mouth and it’s like a rubber honey comb textured piece on the end that can reach their molars and front teeth for chewing and gnawing on.

Their amazing! I haven’t seen ANYTHING that works as good or is as simple as these

Must try! I’m looking into their other products now so more reviews to come 🙂 it comes in a two pack. I’m hoping I don’t lose them & I wonder of they exist in Sweden?