9 days…

by destinyflores


9 days left until my cute little family & I hope on a plane and leave for Sweden. This will be Miles’ first time meeting the second half of his family (besides his mormor ((Marcus’ mom) who came to visit when Miles was 5 weeks old). There are so many of our friends and Marcus’ family dying to meet him & us of course and we couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

Anyways so thank goodness for one last heat wave here before we leave, it gives us time to catch up on our California tans we get to show off when we arrive in Stockholm 😉

Today we hit the beach… again and had lunch at our favorite beachside grill (again). It honestly never gets old.. if we decide to come back to Santa Barbara in the fall we have been talking about possibly moving to Summerland or Carpinteria which is only about 10 minutes south of where we live now but soooo much smaller and the beach is beautiful! Miles loves the sand and can’t stop kicking it around and digging into it with his adorable little toes & fingers. Unfortunately a lot ends up in his mouth but hey .. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 😉

We have been working on rolling from back to tummy which he is EXTREMELY close to doing… (I am sure he can, but since he hates tummy time..he would rather not). We are also practicing sitting and balancing without his hands on the ground… everything is happening so fast! My little mand is already 5.5 months this week…. slow down!

How are you all surviving the heat? & How’s it going in Sweden… any sign of summer yet or do we have to bring the sun with us 🙂

puss puss xoxo