Avoiding the heat

by destinyflores


It seriously has been the hottest it’s ever been in Santa Barbara. Yesterday pushed 100f (39c) and today is supposed to be even hotter. Guess that means time for the beach again!

Miles is so restless at night and can only sleep in a diaper since our apartment is so hot! He went to be at 6:45 last night exhausted from the heat which of course means he was up at 6 this morning 😦 wahhhhh

He’s craZy in his playgym lately. He spins all around in it playing with all corners and this morning he had his foot through a link and his arm through a soft book toy he has. Cute :)he’s starting to scoot towards anything he can grab too…. Yesterday he wiggled his way to our coffee table and started pulling books and papers out from under it. My little busig babe 😉

This morning I’m taking the car in for an oil change downtown then I’ve got a horrible dreaded dentist apt which Charlotte is going to watch Miles for since Marcus is in school :/ after the dentist guess where we’re headed… The beach!

Stay cool!