Moscow mules

by destinyflores


Last night my friend Charlotte and I went out for a nice cold Moscow mule and an all local/organic dinner at my favorite bar Seven!

I had a Tri tip and blue cheese sandwich with truffle fries and she had a grilled chicken pesto with fries. Amazinnnnng. After hours of catching up and reminiscing about when we both first lived in Santa Barbara in 2009 with the huge group of swedes we hung out we decided to call it a night. (Marcus was home with sleeping Miles).

As we walked to the car we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the beach looked. It was still over 80f out (28c) and the ocean was glistening along with a full moon and the lights from the pier. Picture perfect

Well not picture perfect because the moon always looks small and worthless in pictures but I tried to capture it for ya’ll anyways …