by destinyflores


Sorry about the horrible updating. Friday morning was chaos! We popped in on a Friday swim class for Miles since I would be I’m LA all weekend visiting my family. It was his last and final class which meant he did his final swim! He was pushed 3 feet under water and through a hula hoop then let go and since babies are born with a natural reflex that sticks around till about 8 months, he kicked his way to the surface then flipped over on his back 🙂 all while holding his breath! He’s my little fish for sure!

After his lesson if went straight to LA and luckily since after swim he’s super tired he slept the whole way to LB! It took is about 2 hr 30 min with a little traffic which isn’t too bad.
Marcus unfortunately stayed in SB this time since he has finals this coming week and needed to get some study time in… We all know the best way to do that is without Miles & mamma 😉

The night before we went out for wine with a bunch of friends since it was too hot to be in the apartment. I spent almost all last week at the beach from morning till night because it was 100f 38c! Insane for Santa Barbara!!!!! We only stayed out till about 930 because this time we attempted to bring Miles and get him to sleep in his stroller. This didn’t work unfortunately because he was distracted by the noise and all of us talking and laughing :/

So now I’m in Long beach at my parents. My mom had her jewelry party the first night which I made awesome sales at and yesterday miles and I went to my friends baby’s 1st birthday party ! I remember going to her baby shower like it was yesterday!

Anyways today, depending on the weather, I think Miles and I might hit the beach 🙂

There’s a quick little update for you guys! More to come later today

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