by destinyflores

So I might’ve mentioned Marcus and I have an obsession with Conan OBrien. Well I tried for the last couple months to win tickets which is the only way you can get them and I finally did for yesterday Monday the 19th. Only issue is that Marcus decided he needed to study hard core for finals and so what I thought would be perfect since we would already be in LA at my parents wasn’t at all and he stayed behind :(. I asked everyone I could if they wanted to accompany me and it came down to trusty grandma who decided to join! She loves late night shows and actually watches Conan so it worked out 😉

We made the drive from long beach to Burbank… About an hour and arrived 40 min before seating time which was nice. They asked us if we needed a shuttle to the studio since it was about a 20 min walk…. My grandma doesn’t do well with long walks so we accepted. We scored in doing so because we along with some other handicapped and elderly people got a shuttle ride from the coolest guy. He usually does tours of Warner Brothers that people pay for but since we had time to kill while the rest of the audience walked he took us on a free one! We saw everything on the back lot from the Pretty Little Liars houses to the bar in true blood and scenes from dexter and ER. It was awesome! We saw Ellen’s show starting to tape and I took a picture of her Porsche parked in her spot along with some other cool shots.

We got inside the studio (which was smaller than it looks on tv) (and freezing) and sat down while the basic cable band played. A hilarious comedian came out and warmed up the audience then it was time…. My love! Conan came out and everyone went wild. Oh ya since we were in the disabled group we got front row seats next to Andy Richter and in front of it all!

After an awesome show and a cool experience on how it all worked we went off for lunch together and called it a day 🙂

I was super engorged because as usual I forgot my hand pump and was away from miles for almost 7 hours (longest ever). Thank god he’s so good with grandma 🙂