The best feeling…

by destinyflores

Miles as you know has been extra loving and fussy lately because he’s starting to teethe (I think). He’s been fighting a nap when I try to force it so lately I’ve just laid calmly next to him and played Bon Iver radio on pandora and blogged while he stares and relaxes into a deep sleep. It’s adorable.

I on the other hand don’t feel like taking 28366263 naps during the day so I either shower, clean or think about packing. Since I’m still in LB I obviously can’t pack and I’m having bad anxiety about not being home to get started :/ I have made last minute plans to visit with a few more friends before I leave so I’ll be here the rest of today. I’m also avoiding driving 2 hours to Santa Barbara while Miles is awake so I have decided to leave around 7 tonight after I nurse and bathe the little man since I know he will sleep the whole way home.

Tomorrow I’m waking up bright and early to get boxes and start packing. I can’t believe we leave in 3 days and believe it or not we haven’t touched a single thing in our apartment. Call us crazy but balancing work, a 6 month old and a boyfriend studying for finals he has till Thursday hasn’t been easy. Anyways we work better under pressure 😉

Here’s a picture of my little lovely sleeping nicely beside me. When he wakes up we’re heading to the beach for lunch with a friend then back to do laundry and pack up the car.