We made it!

by destinyflores

Miles did so amazing on our flight to Sweden. I wore him in the ergo the whole time at the airport and we got all of our luggage checked in and out along with a stroller and car seat! Miles fell asleep almost instantly as we took off in my arms and woke about an hour later. After a little crying and a walk around the airplane in the ergo he fell back asleep 🙂

Since we didn’t get the bassinet or bulk head seating because of the amount of babies on the plane we had to sit in a regular seat. The girl next to us was super kind and understanding and Miles was amazing the whole time!

Everyone on the plane complimented us on how well behaved he was which was nice to hear. I am soooo glad we flew over night and will make sure we do it in the future. He was a little jet lagged yesterday but went to bed still by 8 pm waking at midnight for an hour and then around 3am for 2 hours and fell asleep again till 830. As long as I stick with or routine from home he should be fine 🙂 we went for a walk to the park this morning and got coffee before heading back to Marcus dad’s for breakfast. I’m sooooo happy to be hear and I can’t wait to visit with everyone I haven’t seen in over 2 years !

Marcus dad doesn’t have wifi so I’ll blog as often as I can. I’m hoping I have time to get a phone plan today but not sure if we want to pay the extra $$ for internet. It might be kinda nice to be without the constant need for social media this summer 🙂

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