So far

by destinyflores

We finally got Swedish phone plans today. The internet is unfortunately so limited still to blogging isn’t possible throughout the day as often as I would like :/ we have spent the last few days visiting as many people as possible from family to friends and drinking as many cups of coffee throughout the day both to get over jet lag and avoid refusing a “fika” (coffee date). I haven’t seen all my friends yet but I know almost all of them will be at his baptism June 14!

It was almost 85/90 degrees the last couple days then all the sudden dropped to 60 today… Damn Swedish summer. We almost froze to death on our journey home tonight from dinner at a friends house …. It’s going to remain cold and even rain through the weekend 😦

Time for bed. Miles has decided to wake up and stay awake from 2/3 am till 7am the last couple nights so we need to get over this jet lag!

Puss puss