City adventures

by destinyflores

Last night Marcus, Miles and I took the subway into the city. Since we’re staying at Marcus’ dad’s apartment it’s a bit outside the city. It only takes about 20 minutes by subway to get there though 🙂 We met up with our friend Oscar first to say hi and introduce Miles before heading over to my old roommate and good friend fanny’s for dinner. Josefin, Gabbie & Fanny’s boyfriend joined us. It was a long night filled with catching up, harassing Miles, and lots of spaghetti, coffee & chocolate 🙂 Last night was a HUGE drop in temperature and ended up being close to 55 f! (7c) We obviously did not plan for cold weather this summer (even though it is Sweden) and only brought shorts, tanks, and light sweaters. We brought Miles’ stroller but I mainly used the ergo to carry him around as it kept him and I warmer. Taking the subway was definitely a mission with a stroller & I am not sure how often in the future this summer I plan on bringing the stroller vs. his ergo. Some of the elevators were broken which we needed in order to get to the next platform when transferring which meant we had to take the stairs or escalator and without Marcus it’ll be difficult to board on time before the doors close and the train takes off. 


The prices have also gone up DRAMATICALLY from what I recall. For the two of us to get into the city and back it was around 20 dollars! Gas here is about 10 dollars a gallon so driving isn’t the best option either…. I think we plan on getting a monthly train pass which ends up being around 120 dollars each! We will see how much it all adds up to be after the next few weeks to see if it’s worth it or not. 

I do love the idea of taking public transportation for the sake of not having to find or pay for parking and just to take advantage of how simple it is in comparison of back home.