Swedish grocery stores

by destinyflores

I absolutely above all thing missed shopping at Swedish grocery stores.
There are so many differences between shopping back home and shopping here. Here are just a few…

might be a lame post to read but I couldn’t help it 😉

grocery bags:
In the US you can take hundreds if you wanted to and have the choice between paper or plastic. The affect they have on the environment is sick and unfortunate & in some cities and states they are actually starting to either cost or not offered. The bags here cost about 25 cents and are actually heavy duty and are later used to line trash cans back home as trash bags!

I think everyone knows by now Swedish candy is AMAZING. They have bin candy here that is out of this world and almost 1/3 the cost of bin candy back home. People go nuts over it and for kids Saturday is “Candy day” and kids are given a few dollars to go to the store and by candy. 🙂 Cute tradition we hope to start and carry on with Miles whether we are here or in America. Sweden is the #1 candy consuming country in the world!

Chewing gum:
random but it’s sold in small tablets similar to some brands back home but it also comes in a ziploc sort of bag instead of a box or package.

Shopping carts:
Unlike the chaotic parking lot mess we have in the US shopping carts here are for rent. You slip a 10kr (1.50$) coin into a slot that releases the cart from the others and to get it back you must return the cart. Everyone does this. We have forgotten this rule so the last few times we grocery shopped haven’t had coins on us so we can’t use a cart …. good system and results in not having to hire a cart boy or tons of dented cars in the parking lot.

Fresh flowers:
this country is all about nature. Tons of flowers are sold EVERYWHERE during the spring and summer and for much cheaper than back home. Most people however pick their own flowers out in the wild… beautiful!

As you can see from my picture (which is only about 1/5 of the amount of cheese on the shelf). Cheese is sold in HUGE lumps which you then slice at home as needed for breakfast sandwiches. The cheese is amazing and there are so many different types of basic cheeses here. We have amazing gourmet cheeses back home but not as big of a variety of everyday cheeses.

Bubbly water:
bubbly water is a lot more common here than regular mineral water. It’s sold in larger quantities, small bottles and even made at home with a “soda stream”. I am not too big on the bubbly water, however some flavors are better than others. I also am not big on soda in general so anything carbonated just reminds me of soda :/

ok I’m done for now haha Marcus is sitting next to me telling me how boring this post is but I know some might find it interesting 🙂 dad?