by destinyflores

This morning started around 5am unfortuantely. Miles seems to be teething really bad the last few days and on top of it seems to have a little cold. It has been super cold lately which is weird since the first two days were SUPER HOT. All the sudden the temp dropped and we found ourselves totally under dressed.

This afternoon Marcus, Miles & I met an old friend of mine Cecilia at the mall for coffee and dessert at her job Gateau. They had the besttttt cakes, cookies and pastries. I had a slice of “princess tarta” (princess cake) a soft white cake with strawberry and cream filling topped with marzapan. It’s a common birthday or special ocassion cake here. Since I am not usually into sweets this was a big deal for me and I had a HUGE sugar high afterwards….
after some shopping (for Miles as usual) we headed home for dinner at Marcus grandmas.
Oh ya & they had something called a “baby lounge” at this mall. I found the next best thing besides my usual breastfeeding, changing hideout in Nordstroms! This place was filled with darkness and leather couches and chairs for breastfeeding or relaxing on as well as a super fresh changing station with nice changing tables. Props to Taby Centrum for making one of these… reguar bathrooms just don’t do it for me anymore. Though I have no problem breastfeeding in public for the most part with my cover or ergo carrier it’s nice to sit down and relax somewhere Miles can also fall asleep!

I am on the hunt for a dress for the baptism but find myself shopping for Miles as usual and shopping on a budget isn’t very fun :/