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Month: June, 2014

a promise to Miles…

I have decided to make several promises as a mother

I promise first of all to do my best in keeping these promises
1. I will love you forever and unconditionally for as long as you live
2. I promise to support almost all of your crazy & wild ideas as you grow up (or atleast listen)
3. I promise I will never hurt you physically or mentally. No matter how angry I get I will/we will NEVER lay our hands on you.
4. I will embrace your wild side and try to stay wild with you
5. When you wake up at the crack of dawn I will try to stay happy and look at it as more time spent together
6. I will do my best to explain why no means no and why you can’t have ice cream before dinner
7. I will let you play hard, get dirty and make as many friends as possible without ruining my house 😉
8. I will show you the respect I ask for myself
9. I will consider the bond with your dad just as important as the one we share
10. I will listen to others “parenting recommendations” and take what I like & leave the rest behind
11. I will never compare you if you promise not to do the same
12. Everyone is different, we all grow at different paces & learn the same way… I know this & will keep this in mind.
13. You are unique & I love this about you & will forever

I am sure these may tweak a bit but I SWEAR to always remember and try my best to hold to these promises.



Can’t stop.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve had the itch to buy baby clothes, toys and just about everything that has to do with babies. Yesterday I went wild at Zara since they’re hosting a summer sale.

I bought most in sizes 9-12 months after learning my lesson since day 1 with buying clothes too small or just right. The first 6 months flew by and now he’s slowing down but I still buy bigger clothes.


Is it just me…

Is it just me or is it becoming harder and harder to wake up in the mornings the older Miles gets? I remember the first 4 months I couldn’t wait to wake up since he was his happiest in the morning & I couldn’t wait to play with him and see his cute little face. I also think since he slept so well from the beginning (usually only waking once to eat). I have also been a morning person since as far back as I can remember. I have always had a job that starts at 8… atleast since high school (which also started at 8). Nowadays Miles is waking more throughout the night, especially the last week since he was sick, and is more exhausting during the day needing tons and tons of attention. He has pretty much given up on most of his toys and prefers everything he shouldn’t play with: napkins, wipe containers, spoons, cups, drink coasters, newspapers, EVERYTHING. 


This age is the most wild age so far. He is almost 7 months (on the 3rd) and no where near crawling since he hates tummy time but rolls around his play gym and sits totally by himself playing with everything around him. He loves banging toys together or against something and wants EVERYTHING we have, look at, eat, drink or walk by. I love seeing him grow and take new interest at things and though it’s all extremely exhausting somedays I know it’s only temporary and again, someday he will be too old to want mommys kisses, hugs and cuddle sessions on the couch. ahhhhh …. 

Ok where was I? Oh ya I am super tired every morning, to the point where Marcus and I argue viciously about who is going to wake up with him this time. We tried splitting up the week and giving the other a chance to ”sleep in” some mornings. tips? Does it get easier? I am also hoping and looking forward to a new and better routine when we get back to the US and into our own apartment and a complete schedule, also some days at daycare for Miles to give us both a break from eachother. He has become quite the mommy’s boy lately and that’s not good for either of us….

Were heading into the archipelago today to a friends summer house for the night and day tomorrow so my updating may be poor


puss puss


Girls night

Met up with Julia, Sofia and Madeleine for dinner at Julia’s followed by wine at Gården an outside bar in Stockholm. I haven’t seen these girls since Santa Barbara and luckily we have kept in touch throughout the years so it felt like just yesterday. We had an amazing lamb dinner made with fresh lamb straight out of Julia’s country house land outside of Stockholm along with some potatoes and salad. We drank rose and laughed the night away before heading to Gården for another drink. Unfortunately I put Miles to bed way to early tonight and the schedule was off once again so Marcus was stuck with a maniac from about 10 pm. I’m waiting for the train now and it feels like forever since I know what awaits me at home. Since the sun doesn’t set till around 1130 at night time feels like it flies when your out and I originally planned on being home by 1. Well well. I hate knowing Miles is such a pain for other people and wish he would act the same for Marcus as he does for me 😦

Anyways time to change that behavior and start a routine. It’s just so hard here since were constantly meeting friends for dinner or staying out in the city till late :/






Walked around Södermalm in Stockholm today with M & M. I have mixed feelings about living here all the time. I always want what I don’t have and go back and forth between life in the US and life in Sweden. They both obviously have their pros and cons. Lucky for me I might never have to permanently decide as I’ll have citizenship in both countries and so will M & M 🙂 an apartment in SB and one in Stockholm sounds perfect to me haha dream on…

Ya well I’m obsessed with cafe lattes lately thanks to Josefin and they seem to help with my headaches and withdrawals since they have less caffeine. So it was a cafe latte and some tasty apple crumble to share as we enjoyed the sun … Finally.

Now I’m at Johanna’s for dinner with her & Sandra and Miles is at home being a maniac and crying himself to sleep with Marcus. I hate being away from him but I know it’s good for both of us every now and then.

Puss puss


Forest workout

Went on a power walk through the forest near Marcus house 🙂 The nature in Sweden is like nothing in California, atleast nothing within a reasonable driving distance or so easy to access as a 15 min walk from home. Though Santa Barbara is filled with beautiful hikes most of them are on dry terrain, extremely rocky or lined with dry creeks throughout the year. Since it rains so often here the forests are filled with moss, mushrooms, fresh berries, slugs, beatles, and tons of wildlife. We went on about an hour powerwalk through it today to reach a little farm nearby filled with pigs, cows and goats (Miles’ favorite). Unfortunately we forgot to look up the opening hours for the cafe’ on site and didn’t realize they were closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so no fika for us :/

After some time at the farm our stomachs started rumbling for lunch… we headed back home to grill up our recent addiction… cheeseburgers. There goes my workout :p


Miles is feeling a little better today and slept through most of the night only waking to feed 2-3 times verse the usual 10 times when he is stuffed up. He can actually breathe through his nose and is napping according to his usual schedule. After hamburgers I am considering heading into the city to meet Josefin.. just not sure what to do since I both want to save money, avoid drinking another cup of coffee & see something new and exciting since the sun is finally shining today. It has been raining almost everyday we have been here and only reached beyond 60f (20c) 4 times in the last month. I am actually fine with this weather since it has been HOT as HELL year round in Santa Barbara, especially right before we came here so a little cold feels nice, if only we packed accordingly.


well well.. what to do…..Stockholm tips?

puss puss










sick babe….

This is Miles’ first time being sick and he’s not handling it so well 😦 He started Saturday night resisting a bottle while I was out and spent most of the night crying for mommy 😦 I hurried home and since 6am sat up with him trying to get him to take the bottle or atleast eat something even though he wasn’t up for it. Anyways all night last night he was up sniffling and having a hard time breathing since he was so congested 😦 He is living on my boobs… I literally feel drained and can’t even describe how long I have been laying in bed and taking care of the little guy. Im hoping he clears up by tonight. He had a warm shower and we stayed in the bathroom for awhile to help clear his head a bit. He’s taking his 8th nap of the day now and I am catching up on some blogging before going for a walk to the little farm nearby to show Miles the animals and hopefully get some fresh air. 

Hope your Monday’s are starting off wonderfully. 






catch up….

I forgot to mention Marcus, Miles & I checked out the natural history museum here in Stockholm the day before midsummer. I have been to tons of natural history museums and sure theyre all the same but this one was HUGE and beautiful! The outside looked like it was from the movie ”Night at the museum”. Miles, believe it or not, is starting to take interest in things like museums, zoos and TV nowadays. He was totally into all the stuffed animals, short clips and even the baby exhibit where he held a baby plastic fetus haha 🙂 Someone wants a sibling…? :p


Anyways after midsummer we took it easy since everything was closed. Marcus drank on midsummer and I promised I would take care of Miles for the day while he took it easy and nurtured his hangover. After some Mc Donalds and a fresh walk outside we headed home for dinner & I got ready to go meet some girlfriends for Mikaela’s birthday. We drank rose’ and played drinking games before heading to Soap Bar around 11pm. After a short taxi ride into town we danced the night away and caught up on the last 2.5 years… I had planned on spending my first night away and sleeping at Stina’s since she lived closer to the city and we could take the subway to her instead of me taking an hour long night bus back to Marcus’ dads. Well I got tired and a little too tipsy to wait till the girls were ready to go home so after negotiated a cab fare of 50 dollars back to Marcus I headed home around 3am. 

I only bought a shot for the birthday girl and myself and paid for the cab home and managed to still spend 100 dollars… it’s so sick how much it is to go out in Stockholm. I forgot… luckily it was a rare ocassion and won’t be happening anymore or atleast not as frequent as I used to. 

Yesterday was spent at home with Marcus & a sick baby who unfortunately has a bad cold now 😦 Marcus had his first game close by so Miles & I went to watch. Miles kept his eyes on daddy the whole game (when he didn’t have his helmet on) which was so cute. He really has started to build such a bond with him and loves when he comes into the room or picks him up. Miles is his #1 fan!









avocado love

Miles had his first go at an avocado last week. I started spooning bits into his mouth but he wouldn’t focus on the spoon since he was so distracted by the avocado itsself. I know lots of people try the more hands on approach and so I figured I would just give him the half to have a go at it. He enjoyed smearing it into the table, squishing it between his fingers and slamming it into his head. 90% of it ended up around the dining room and on his clothes and face instead of in his mouth. Oh well… atleast I tried. 






drinking & being a mom

we all know those two things don’t mix. Yesterday was midsummer.. one of the biggest holidays in Sweden celebrated with food that hardly anyone likes, flowers, dancing and tons and tons of beer, cider, wine and snapps (swedish schnapps). Other years I have been able to join in on the festivities but this year we brought Miles along and decided to skip the invites to midsummer celebrations where we knew people would be partying their asses off. I figure Miles is only this young once and we can definitely skip the craziness for one year not only to take care of him but to celebrate in a new way including him in on the fun. 

Marcus drank & I sipped on a glass of wine. Pumping throughout the night, dealing with engorgment, being hungover and waking up at 5,6,or 7 am with a 7 month old just didn’t sound worth it. We stayed till about 11pm and everyone LOVED having Miles there and helped out so much with holding him, checking on him while he slept in the guest bedroom and even kept the music low and around the corner of the back not to disturb him 🙂

We had a super nice, calm midsummer and spent it with those we care about. I can’t wait till next summer when Miles is running around and able to munch on meatballs and eggs next to us!

How was your midsummer?

tonight however is my turn finally to go out with the girls. Marcus has had his fun a few nights since we arrived in Sweden and I asked for this one night to join my friends as a close friend of mine celebrates her birthday 🙂 We are heading out to the archipelago for a ”day after midsummer party” at a local resturaunt-bar. I am still deciding what to do about pumping since I forgot my hand pump at home…. sucks bringing my electric one to a bar in my purse but I would HATE to throw off my supply or be in pain all night and risk getting stretch marks from engorgment… mommy problems :p


I’ve got a few bags at home to get through the night and Marcus does amazing with Miles so as long as I don’t drink too much I am hoping on waking up early with my boys tomorrow and enjoying the day.