So far…

by destinyflores



Once again Marcus’ dad doesn’t have WFI at his house and on my walk this morning I looked for a cafe or even a gas station that might have free connection but didn’t have any luck.

I finally came to the local pizza place where his dad knows the owner George & he let me connect, AKA I’ll be here more often to blog and update everyone back home!

We have finally all gotten over jetlag which makes things easier and Miles is sleeping through the night for the most part. Every now and then he tries to wake up around 5am for the day but I usually have luck getting him back to sleep.

Last night I went to my friend Gabbie’s birthday party at her AMAZING apartment in the BEST PART of the city. She has an amazing rooftop to herself with the best view which we spent most of the day on drinking rose’ and enjoying the warm sun which came out just in time after days of cold and rain.

I brought Miles with me since I haven’t had time to build a stock of milk here :/ Things aren’t the same when you have a baby with you that’s for sure. I caught myself constantly having to change, feed or carry him around throughout the party which meant not so much drinking or catching up with everyone for me. After a few hours of hanging out and mostly trying to get Miles to take a nap amongst the chaos I took the subway home.

The subway has really started to take a toll on my wallet and as dumb as I am I didn’t realize scanning my card at each turn style instead of paying for the destination in total was the wrong way to go and ended up costing me more than double what it should have… ugh :/ better luck next time

Happy birthday Gabbie ❤