by destinyflores


The last few days Miles has decided to let his teething get the best of him. He has learned the power of his voice and is OBSESSED with yelling and screaming. He doesn’t cry and it’s not really a whine, more of just a yell and scream because he likes it 🙂

Anyways up until this morning it has been tolerable. This morning he woke around 5:30am and screamed and yelled so loud I had no choice but to take him out for a walk. TV, door swing, play gym, feeding, drinking… nothing worked. So I tossed him in the Ergo carrier and hit the streets in my pajamas at 6am. FML.

After a few minutes of walking he passed out and we walked around some more as I searched for WIFI & he took a nap. (luckily the sun comes out around 4am and doesn’t set until after midnight during the summer here). I decided when we got back to drink some coffee and call it quits as far as trying to sleep some more. Marcus & I got ready and we hit the mall for some shopping for his little sister’s graduation this week. ❤

Love Miles outfit of the day 😉

pants: PEEKABOO from Nordstroms
shirt: HM baby