Baby music class

by destinyflores


The church in which Miles will be baptized in holds a baby music class every tuesday from 1-3pm. We decided to pop in yesterday and attend since we had to go there and plan some more of the baptism anyways.

The music class was so cute and though both Marcus & I didn’t know all the words to the classic Swedish songs we still did our best to entertain Miles. He was the youngest of the babies but kept up by playing on the floor and laughing along with everyone. He banged on his little drum and tried to eat the maracas 🙂 After the class we went to Lagerhaus to get some more decorations and take back the cupcake stuff we had bought since a friend of mine decided to help with the baking.

We are going with flags and colored balloons for decoration and I found some super cute flag banners and napkins. We still have to go to IKEA to get candles, flowers and table cloths & I need to order balloons online since I couldn’t find the right colors at any stores around here or they were extremely overpriced.

blahhhh party planning