Without internet

by destinyflores

Still haven’t quite figured out the internet situation. I don’t have much time or energy to walk and get wifi and deal with transferring photos from my iPhone to iPad and everything so I haven’t been blogging much.

Well well were still waiting on our money to come in from paternity and tax returns and our apartment deposit so the fun here is at a stand still. We have mainly been visiting family and hanging around the suburbs. Today we visited a cute little farm and Miles absolutely loved looking at all the animals. 🙂 we had a fika with his mom and enjoyed both the rain and the sun that came. It’s amazing how people continue on with their daily routines rain, shine or snow here. Back home we have “rainy days” at school in which we actually stay inside and avoid the rain. Here it rains atleast once almost everyday it feels like even if it’s just for a few minutes…. People remain outside and just toss a rain jacket on or cover on their stroller

Anyways were in the city now and Marcus is going to a soccer game with his friends and once again since I didn’t pump I’m stuck with miles all night :/ not that I don’t love being with him but it would be nice to get pumping under control and be able to meet friends without a baby begging for food, changing or holding the whole time …. Well well. I’m meeting Josefin in an hour or so for a glass of wine or coffee before training it back to Marcus dad’s.

The weather is finally turning around here and it’s been sunny the last few days. Thursday was Marcus sisters high school graduation and it followed with a really nice party with family and friends 🙂

Friday we bbqd with Angie, her man Jens and their little baby Alvar who is 5 days older than Miles. Yesterday was his baptism in Norrtalje about an hour north of Stockholm and Marcus, Miles and I joined with a little gift for Alvar of course.

I got lots of tips on throwing a Swedish baptism and had a wonderful day!

Now here is a photo overload on the last couple days 🙂