Life is getting better

by destinyflores

Things are starting to sort themselves out not. I got my tax return money from Sweden and should get my deposit from our Santa Barbara apartment back any day now. As for the paternity money were still waiting on that but have heard good things and remain in contact with them daily in regards to our case.

Yesterday was my love Marcus birthday and he turned 26… Since we are saving for the summer we didn’t do much beside BBQ at the lake near his house and have dinner with friends and family that night 🙂 tonight Johnny (godfather) invited us over for dinner and asked if he could babysit Miles after we put him to sleep so Marcus and I can go grab a drink nearby and just catch up on each other. When you have a kid especially a baby it’s easy to lose track of each other and sometimes a whole day goes by without a hug or kiss :/ especially now being in a new place and being constantly busy meeting friends and family we haven’t had a minute to ourselves.

So tonight it is 🙂
I’m still getting things ready for the baptism and thanks to friends and family we have a lot of it finished and ready. I still need a dress and have realized everything in Sweden is so oversized and boxy. Can’t really explain what I’m looking for but it looks like a nice fitting skirt and top might due since the dresses aren’t working out…. Blah

Last try tomorrow at Zara in the city and I’m sure based on their website I’ll have some luck 🙂

Tips? I’ve been everywhere.
Fillipa K

Miles has been pooping like a maniac lately and it’s smelly and green. I stopped puréed foods about a week ago since he wasn’t really digging it… I plan on introducing some oatmeal but waiting on the rest till we get home and I can make it all organic. He finally had his first reaction today when I have him a pink smoothie from Ella’s kitchen. I know I should introduce one food at a time but I tried one for 6m and up not thinking about it and it had cherries, raspberries, citrus juice, and strawberry and I think banana. He had had strawberries and bananas before so it’s either cherries or raspberries or I guess the citrus juice he just didn’t tolerate and he got bumps all over his body 😦 luckily his mood didn’t change and no fever was detected


As for the poop he has a dr apt next week for the first time as a Swedish citizen and their gonna check everything but as long as he’s happy, eating and not losing weight they don’t worry so that’s good!

Photo blast….
Oh ya and there is a huge possibility Miles may be modeling for a big Swedish clothing brand! We were approached with an opportunity and everything is still being discussed :)))))

More to come!