by destinyflores

So it is now 7:45 which most of you may think is a totally normal time to wake up when you have a 6 month old… which is correct if I haven’t been up since 4:30. I am not looking forward to the countless trips back and forth from Sweden to California and all the jet lag that comes with it and ruins your almost perfect sleeper. Miles used to sleep almost totally through the night, waking for a feeding around 4am and falling back asleep till 7/8am. Not anymore…. since we came here the jet lag hasn’t worn off and though he can tell the difference between a long sleep at night and short naps during the day he has decided to wake EVERY morning for the last week and a half at 430am and NOT going back to sleep. 

He decides to wake up extremely fussy and needy and when he is in a good mood he likes to yell at his toys and toss and turn and grab Marcus or my faces as we try to stay asleep a little longer. Oh ya… were co sleeping since we don’t have a crib here. Co sleeping for us in the past has meant longer sleeping at night for all of us but not lately :/ And during these early mornings I have tried everything from rocking, side feeding, pacifiers, TV, music.. everything besides actually waking up of course. 


Though I am sure this is a phase and a BIG part of teething (no teeth yet) I can’t help but to blame the jetlag and 9 hour time difference for ruining my perfect son… wahhhhh tips?


As for the bumps on his body… update… they fade in and out and he doesn’t have a fever so am not too worried about it for now. Though I hope the facial ones fade even more before his big day tomorrow. I ruled out hand foot mouth virus because their everywhere not just the hand foot mouth and I am 99% sure they aren’t chicken pox because their under the surface,,, 


anyways we have tons of issues here as you can see. I promised myself to get him into a SERIOUS routine starting tonight and moving his morning bath back to a night bath like it used to be to calm him down. Since he doesn’t sit for long periods of time I am off to the store when they open in a bit to buy a seat for the tub we have been using here.