summer plans…

by destinyflores

So I have decided to blog every night using Marcus’ little sisters’ computer since she is in Rhodes for the summer. She has an internet USB stick attached to it so theres internet on it, however I won’t be able to upload pictures since their usually all on my phone. I promise to attach them everytime I get internet. 

Anyways the last week has been chaotic planning Miles baptism and getting the last finishing touches in order. My bestfriend Stina came up from Malmö (5 hours south of Stockholm) with her boyfriend Marcus since she was to be Miles’ godmother 🙂 We spent all of Friday getting the last things in order before the big day Saturday. Saturday couldn’t have gone more perfect… we rented the room next to the church to host the reception in after the actual ceremony. Since it was the first time most of our friends would meet Miles we had around 65 guests from as far as Gothenburg and Skåne 😀 both friends & family. We got keys to the hall at about 9:30 awhich gave us an hour and a half to fill 40 balloons, cut and decorate tables with table cloths, put up the balloons, put up pom poms, set out food and dishes…. it was chaos and thanks to Stina, Marcus, Angie & Jens we got it all done JUST IN TIME. Marcus amazing sister and mom made tons of delcious quiches and my friend Klara made the best blueberry cupcakes. The decorations, amount of food, drinks, people… everything went absolutely perfect and we got to visit with all of our friends and family (some we hadn’t seen in 2.5 years!). Miles has been VERY attached to both Marcus & I lately & I blame that mainly on the fact that it’s usually just us 3 in Santa Barbara. We have had someone babysit him a few times but mostly when he is sleeping and we don’t get too many visitors since we are usually both busy & were only there a few months after he was born. Now that we are here it is still us 3 a lot that handle him… therefor he was not too into everyone holding, touching, ,kissing or even taking pictures of him at the party.


I told myself I would NEVER have a kid who ONLY let his parents hold him or tantrumed with other people… this is something that needs to change. Since I know he is teething and being here has taken a toll on his routine I am giving him a break but as of now we are letting more and more people hold and love him just as much as we do. 

I promise pictures from the baptism soon but here are a few teasers I stole from facebook!


ps. the rash he had on his body totally disappeared and sometime reappears.. we are not sure if it’s because of the cat hair and cat that lingers around Marcus’ dad’s apartment or because of the food he is exposed to. ….. we have a Dr. apt on Wednesday so we will find out more then.