midsummer planning….

by destinyflores

Midsummer in Sweden is the longest day of the summer & is filled with day long celebrations by everyone. Everything is pretty much closed and this holiday is celebrated nationwide 🙂

2 years ago I got to celebrate Midsummer at a friends summer country house in a town called Trosa and this year with Miles and all Marcus & I have decided to stay local and keep it simple. We have been invited to a friends parent’s house near Marcus’ dads to enjoy a midsummer lunch then BBQ at night. Since we are staying close we will be able to take Miles home later at night! Midsummer food unfortunately is like all the other holiday foods here in Sweden… potatos, pickled herring, meatballs, bread, cheese, strawberry cake, mini sausages and a salad perhaps. Most of the day is spent drinking, singing, taking shots, dancing and enjoying the long summer sun which doesn’t set till past 11pm! Unfortunately this summer might bring us a day filled with clouds and even rain :/


Either way it’s time to wake up early tomorrow and start preparing for my favorite Swedish holiday which means picking flowers around town to make a flower crown, boiling potatoes, buying alcohol & decorating the midsummer pole. 

I have decided to make a mini midsummer crown for Miles this year as well 🙂