drinking & being a mom

we all know those two things don’t mix. Yesterday was midsummer.. one of the biggest holidays in Sweden celebrated with food that hardly anyone likes, flowers, dancing and tons and tons of beer, cider, wine and snapps (swedish schnapps). Other years I have been able to join in on the festivities but this year we brought Miles along and decided to skip the invites to midsummer celebrations where we knew people would be partying their asses off. I figure Miles is only this young once and we can definitely skip the craziness for one year not only to take care of him but to celebrate in a new way including him in on the fun. 

Marcus drank & I sipped on a glass of wine. Pumping throughout the night, dealing with engorgment, being hungover and waking up at 5,6,or 7 am with a 7 month old just didn’t sound worth it. We stayed till about 11pm and everyone LOVED having Miles there and helped out so much with holding him, checking on him while he slept in the guest bedroom and even kept the music low and around the corner of the back not to disturb him 🙂

We had a super nice, calm midsummer and spent it with those we care about. I can’t wait till next summer when Miles is running around and able to munch on meatballs and eggs next to us!

How was your midsummer?

tonight however is my turn finally to go out with the girls. Marcus has had his fun a few nights since we arrived in Sweden and I asked for this one night to join my friends as a close friend of mine celebrates her birthday 🙂 We are heading out to the archipelago for a ”day after midsummer party” at a local resturaunt-bar. I am still deciding what to do about pumping since I forgot my hand pump at home…. sucks bringing my electric one to a bar in my purse but I would HATE to throw off my supply or be in pain all night and risk getting stretch marks from engorgment… mommy problems :p


I’ve got a few bags at home to get through the night and Marcus does amazing with Miles so as long as I don’t drink too much I am hoping on waking up early with my boys tomorrow and enjoying the day.