catch up….

by destinyflores

I forgot to mention Marcus, Miles & I checked out the natural history museum here in Stockholm the day before midsummer. I have been to tons of natural history museums and sure theyre all the same but this one was HUGE and beautiful! The outside looked like it was from the movie ”Night at the museum”. Miles, believe it or not, is starting to take interest in things like museums, zoos and TV nowadays. He was totally into all the stuffed animals, short clips and even the baby exhibit where he held a baby plastic fetus haha 🙂 Someone wants a sibling…? :p


Anyways after midsummer we took it easy since everything was closed. Marcus drank on midsummer and I promised I would take care of Miles for the day while he took it easy and nurtured his hangover. After some Mc Donalds and a fresh walk outside we headed home for dinner & I got ready to go meet some girlfriends for Mikaela’s birthday. We drank rose’ and played drinking games before heading to Soap Bar around 11pm. After a short taxi ride into town we danced the night away and caught up on the last 2.5 years… I had planned on spending my first night away and sleeping at Stina’s since she lived closer to the city and we could take the subway to her instead of me taking an hour long night bus back to Marcus’ dads. Well I got tired and a little too tipsy to wait till the girls were ready to go home so after negotiated a cab fare of 50 dollars back to Marcus I headed home around 3am. 

I only bought a shot for the birthday girl and myself and paid for the cab home and managed to still spend 100 dollars… it’s so sick how much it is to go out in Stockholm. I forgot… luckily it was a rare ocassion and won’t be happening anymore or atleast not as frequent as I used to. 

Yesterday was spent at home with Marcus & a sick baby who unfortunately has a bad cold now 😦 Marcus had his first game close by so Miles & I went to watch. Miles kept his eyes on daddy the whole game (when he didn’t have his helmet on) which was so cute. He really has started to build such a bond with him and loves when he comes into the room or picks him up. Miles is his #1 fan!