Forest workout

by destinyflores

Went on a power walk through the forest near Marcus house 🙂 The nature in Sweden is like nothing in California, atleast nothing within a reasonable driving distance or so easy to access as a 15 min walk from home. Though Santa Barbara is filled with beautiful hikes most of them are on dry terrain, extremely rocky or lined with dry creeks throughout the year. Since it rains so often here the forests are filled with moss, mushrooms, fresh berries, slugs, beatles, and tons of wildlife. We went on about an hour powerwalk through it today to reach a little farm nearby filled with pigs, cows and goats (Miles’ favorite). Unfortunately we forgot to look up the opening hours for the cafe’ on site and didn’t realize they were closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so no fika for us :/

After some time at the farm our stomachs started rumbling for lunch… we headed back home to grill up our recent addiction… cheeseburgers. There goes my workout :p


Miles is feeling a little better today and slept through most of the night only waking to feed 2-3 times verse the usual 10 times when he is stuffed up. He can actually breathe through his nose and is napping according to his usual schedule. After hamburgers I am considering heading into the city to meet Josefin.. just not sure what to do since I both want to save money, avoid drinking another cup of coffee & see something new and exciting since the sun is finally shining today. It has been raining almost everyday we have been here and only reached beyond 60f (20c) 4 times in the last month. I am actually fine with this weather since it has been HOT as HELL year round in Santa Barbara, especially right before we came here so a little cold feels nice, if only we packed accordingly.


well well.. what to do…..Stockholm tips?

puss puss