Coffee in The city

by destinyflores


Walked around Södermalm in Stockholm today with M & M. I have mixed feelings about living here all the time. I always want what I don’t have and go back and forth between life in the US and life in Sweden. They both obviously have their pros and cons. Lucky for me I might never have to permanently decide as I’ll have citizenship in both countries and so will M & M 🙂 an apartment in SB and one in Stockholm sounds perfect to me haha dream on…

Ya well I’m obsessed with cafe lattes lately thanks to Josefin and they seem to help with my headaches and withdrawals since they have less caffeine. So it was a cafe latte and some tasty apple crumble to share as we enjoyed the sun … Finally.

Now I’m at Johanna’s for dinner with her & Sandra and Miles is at home being a maniac and crying himself to sleep with Marcus. I hate being away from him but I know it’s good for both of us every now and then.

Puss puss