Girls night

Met up with Julia, Sofia and Madeleine for dinner at Julia’s followed by wine at Gården an outside bar in Stockholm. I haven’t seen these girls since Santa Barbara and luckily we have kept in touch throughout the years so it felt like just yesterday. We had an amazing lamb dinner made with fresh lamb straight out of Julia’s country house land outside of Stockholm along with some potatoes and salad. We drank rose and laughed the night away before heading to Gården for another drink. Unfortunately I put Miles to bed way to early tonight and the schedule was off once again so Marcus was stuck with a maniac from about 10 pm. I’m waiting for the train now and it feels like forever since I know what awaits me at home. Since the sun doesn’t set till around 1130 at night time feels like it flies when your out and I originally planned on being home by 1. Well well. I hate knowing Miles is such a pain for other people and wish he would act the same for Marcus as he does for me 😦

Anyways time to change that behavior and start a routine. It’s just so hard here since were constantly meeting friends for dinner or staying out in the city till late :/